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Good Pit Bulls is on Social Media

August 31st 2014 23:15
good pit bulls
Good Pit Bulls has decided to join social media. Good Pit Bulls is a website devoted to sharing updates in dog breed laws, pit bull bloodlines, pit bull rescues, pit bull pictures and more!

On social media, GPB also shares great promotions and discounts for pet products, such as flea treatment, cozy dog beds, great dog toys and more.

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Dog Rescued from Treatment Plant

August 24th 2014 16:20

On August 15, 2014 a pit bull mix was rescued from a treatment plant sewage vault in North Richmond, California.

Using a harness and ropes, firefighters were able to hoist the dog out of the vault.

The vault is usually covered, but for whatever reason it wasn't when the female dog fell in.

If the firefighters of Contra Costa Fire hadn't saved the dog before the sewage water filled the vault, she would have drowned.

According to a spokesperson for Contra Costa Fire, the dog wasn't in too terrible shape and was taken to a shelter.


Choosing a New Pet

August 17th 2014 00:22
If you're thinking about expanding your household by adding a new pet, you'll want to ask yourself a few questions.

1. How much time do you want to spend caring for the pet?
2. How much do you want to spend initially, and ongoing?
3. How much space to do you have?
4. What will you do with the pet if you have to move?

Some pets are relatively easy to care for and do not take a lot of your time, maintaining that care. For example, don't get a hyper dog breed if you don't have the time to exercise it.

Some pets are expensive to purchase, and others may be more expensive ongoing. For example, even though a $25 adoption fee at your local animal control is affordable, you have to consider annual vaccinations, regular diet and supply expenses.

Some animals get large, and if you don't have enough space, then you may consider a smaller animal. For example, don't bring home a baby sulcata if you don't have a yard to house an adult?

If you have to move, will you be able to take the animal with you? If you get a cat but have to move into an apartment with a no-pet policy, what will you do? Or if you get a large monitor lizard, but have to downsize, will you be able to accommodate the reptile?

Bringing home a new pet takes a lot of consideration. Don't purchase or adopt a new pet without researching and taking your lifestyle into consideration.


Which Cat Breeds Are Talkative

August 3rd 2014 00:19
Some cats are more vocal than others. I have two cats, and one only meows when he wants food, whereas the other will talk your ear off.

There are some breeds of cats, like the Siamese and the Japanese Bobtail that are known talkers.

Other cat breeds that like to talk include the Tonkinese, Burmese, Oriental and Sphynx cats.

Read more at The Cat Scoop to find out more about vocal cat breeds.


Choosing a Pet at Reptile Show

June 8th 2014 15:45
When going to a reptile show, you will encounter many types of pets, ranging from reptiles, arachnids to even furry critters.

Most likely, if you're going to a reptile show, you have an idea of what you're looking for, whether it be a specific species or morph.

So, before you go, I highly recommend checking out the list of vendors so that you can do research. Not all vendors will have a good reputation, so it's a good idea to know which vendors are prone to having sick animals or not providing aid when you need it.

When you get to the show, keep in mind that unless you've reserved an animal, it is first come first serve. And, cash is king. Not all vendors will have the ability to take credit card, although it is becoming more readily available these days.

The earlier you get the the less people you will generally find. The crowd tends to grow just before lunch and again in the early afternoon hours. At the end of the show, especially if you're going on the last day (if it's a multiple day event), the selection will be quite limited.

Know how much you want to spend, and browse carefully.

Look for animals that are healthy. Avoid animals with sunken eyes, visible backbones, dry skin (even desert animals shouldn't appear overly dry), etc.

Ask the vendor plenty of questions. Did the vendor breed the animals or reselling them? How does he/she house the animals? What does he/she feed the animals? If you're looking for a specific species, you'll know if the vendor is providing good care. If you're looking at an older juvenile or an adult animal, ask if he/she has taken the animal to the vet to check for parasites.

If you're not sure what species you're looking, ask the vendor if he/she has a caresheet that you can go home and read and do more research. Generally, you should really research before you get a new pet, but the sooner you are educated the better.

Always ask for a card, especially if you end up purchasing from the vendor. You want to be able to call or email the vendor if you have any questions or problems once you get home. Remember to refer to the animals ID, if the deli cup was marked.


Healthy Summer Fruits for Dogs

June 1st 2014 19:34
When buying fruits for yourself during the hot, summer months, don't forget about your dog. Dogs can't eat all fruits, but there are some fruits that are safe for your dog.

Keep in mind that fruits are only a treat. Only offer a little bit. Too many fruits can cause diarrhea

[ Click here to read more ]

Old Dog Gets a Home

May 26th 2014 19:45
Delbert was a mangy, mature dog without a home. It took some coaxing and patience, before shelter volunteers could finally capture him.

He was untrusting, and it only makes sense with the condition the poor dog was found

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Top Five Cat Blogs

April 26th 2014 20:47
There's non doubt that cats are popular. They're cute and do crazy things. If you want to check out a few popular cat blogs, I suggest these top five blogs.

These cat blogs have health and care information, cute cat pictures and loads of funny stories

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Video of Cute Cats

April 19th 2014 20:45

Gideon - Rescued Pit Bull

April 3rd 2014 20:41
Have you seen the viral YouTube video about Gideon? He's a rescued Pit Bull who was left abandoned by his owners.

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