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Betta Fish Compatibility

May 25th 2008 13:48
Everyone tells you that you can't put a Betta fish in an aquarium with any other fish because they'll fight and kill the other fish... Well, this isn't 100% accurate. Male Betta fish cannot under any circumstances be housed with other Bettas, but they can be housed with certain fish. In regards to female Bettas, some keepers say you can house females together, but others say it's best not to, as even some female Betta fish can be aggressive.

by Stephie189
Crowntail Betta Fish

With an appropriately sized tank, you can house 1 Betta with the following fish choices.

Fish Tank: 10 gallon:
5 Zebra Danios or
1 Molly or
1 Swordtailed or
5 Neon Tetra or
5 Cardinal Tetra

Fish Tank: 15 gallon:
1 Red tailed Shark and 5 Zebra Danios or
3 Zebra Danios 1 small loach or
2 Mollies

Fish Tank: 20 gallon:
1 Red tailed Shark, 5 Zebra Danios, and 5 Cardinal Tetra or
5 Neon Tetra or
4 Zebra loach or
4 Mollies

Source: Tropical Fish Data


Watch out housing Betta Fish with Angel Fish, Long Fin Danios, or other long finned fish, as they may fight. Betta fish may see the tail and long fins of the other fish, and confuse the fish with another Betta.

The best fish choice are fish that are Tropical fish with short fins.

Make sure that you allow ample room for the fish. On average Betta Fish need at least 2 gallons of water. The general rule is one inch of fish per 1 gallon of water. Too many fish will increase your ammonia levels in the tank.

In general, Betta Fish are compatible with:
* Cory Cats
* Danios/ Minnows
* Guppies
* Hatchets
* Loaches
* Mollies
* Platies
* Plecos
* Rasboras
* Suckermouth Catfish
* Swordtail
* Tetras
* Fresh Water Plants
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Comment by Anonymous

July 12th 2008 05:38
I keep my male betta in a tank with goldfish and a female betta... there are lots of hidey places for the female to get away from the male but I have never seen him harass her since I put both of them into the goldfish tank...all have been together for over 6mths and all is well.....

Comment by Anonymous

April 12th 2011 00:40
I used to have a beta who lived with 2 cherry barbs, 2 tiger barbs, an angel fish and a frog. My beta was very well-mannered and never bothered any of the other fish. After living in a bowl beside the tank for about a year, I think he was just happy to finally get in

Comment by Anonymous

April 13th 2011 16:14
Hi I have recently got my first tropical fish (which are two young angelfish) and wish to add a betta. However some website say that these species are fine together, while others say they arn't. Does any one have any advice or experience with these species living together ?
I plan on putting the betta into an isolation tank and introducing them slowly.

All replies would be deeply appreciated.

Comment by Anonymous

July 25th 2011 22:39
I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 platies (two sunrise mickeys and one redwing) and three zebra danios (was 4 long story). So I have been told a betta would be ok and not ok by diff sites? Is it ok? Would the zebras nip the bettas fins? They r high energy and nip fancy fins but is betta so big they would not?

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