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Choosing a Ferret Cage

March 27th 2009 18:08
When trying to find a ferret cage, you want to find something that is as big as you can afford and as big as you have a place for. Ferrets should never be couped up in a cage all the time. This is not a caged animal like a guinea pig or even a rabbit. You want to have your ferret out of the cage as much as possible.

The absolute bare minimum sized cage that you should put ONE ferret in should be no smaller than 18 inches long, 18 inches deep, and 30 inches wide, but this doesn't allow for too much play, so you should make sure that your ferret gets plenty of outside attention.

If you are home and are able to watch your ferret, let him roam a little bit, or if you have a room that you have ferret-proofed, by all means, let him roam! But, if you can't watch him, it's not a good idea to let him out of the cage.

Ferrets get into everything, and you'll find items go missing very quickly. You want to ensure that your ferret is safe, so if you can't watch him, let him stay in the cage for a little while longer.

But, when picking out a cage for a ferret, you want to make sure that it has levels and places for you to put toys. Ferrets get bored easily, so you want to keep them entertained as much as possible so that they do not get destructive, which they will if bored.

Although, ferrets do sleep most of the time, when they are awake you want to ensure that they have room to run and play, especially if you only have one ferret.

Super Pet has a number of cages that you should check out for your ferret, most of which include levels, ramps, and shelves, that will add to your ferret's enjoyment.

Make sure that your ferret cage has good ventilation. You want a wire cage because ferrets smell, and you want the best ventilation as possible. You just want to make sure that the bars are no more than 1 inch by 2 inches because ferrets can and will escape. You also want to make sure that all doors can be securely closed.

As for the wiring on the selves, try to get a cage with plastic shelves. If the shelves are wire, you want to cover them with soft materials, tiles, or shelf liners.

And, as for the bedding at the bottom of the cage, you can use newspaper but that will blacken your ferret's feet, or you can try carefresh, aspen, or some other material that is easy to clean and disinfect. You may want to try puppy pads, although some ferrets will shred them. Just remember to avoid pine and cedar as they both can cause respiratory concerns.

You do not have to spend a lot on a ferret cage, but you want to make sure that you do purchase a cage that is sturdy and suitable for your ferret. You can find cheap ferret cages on You can also find cheap accessories and toys for your ferret as well.


Giving Your Ferret a Bath

March 25th 2009 16:02

Ferrets are not always the best smelling critters in the world, but there's not much you can do about it. Typically, their scent glands are already removed by the time you purchase your ferret from the pet store or breeder, but that doesn't mean that your ferret still won't smell.

The natural oils that the ferret's body produces is what causes the stink, and even if you give the ferret a bath, the oils will reduce for a day or so, but then they will return, as bathing your ferret will actually stimulate oil production.

In order to keep your ferret clean, make sure that you keep the cage and litter box clean, even if that means multiple cleanings a day.

Otherwise, you can bathe your ferret, just make sure that it's not very often, as you do not want to dry him out. A good bath frequency is about once every two or three months. You can use baby wipes or ferret wipes to help keep your ferret clean in-between baths, which is great as your ferret will probably get into some kind of mess.

You want to purchase a shampoo that is made specifically for ferrets. Try the Marshall's Original Formula with Baking Soda or the Marshall Pet No-Tears Formula Ferret Shampoo

When bathing your ferret, your ferret may or may not take to it very well. For the first few baths, you'll want to take it easy so that any future baths are as stress-free as possible. Keep an upbeat tone and try not to get frustrated. You can include water-proof toys and some of your ferret's favorite treats to make bath time more enjoyable.

You can use a bathtub, sink, or any convenient location. You want to have just enough water that your ferret is mostly submerged but is still able to touch the bottom. You may want to use a rubber mat to provide your ferret with good footing and grip on the sink or tub.

When washing your ferret, make sure to support him properly so that he doesn't slip, and again, here is were the rubber grips work well.

Make sure that the water is lukewarm and not too hot. You want to lather the body really well, but make sure that you avoid getting shampoo in the ferrets eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly. You may have to empty the sink or tub a few times and refill with fresh water to make sure that you've removed all of the shampoo from your ferret's coat. You do not want to leave any shampoo, as this can dry and cause irritation to the skin.

When drying your ferret, you can use a Ferret Drying Sack, or you can just use a regular towel. Typically, ferrets dry pretty quickly, but you want to make sure that they don't get cold while drying off.

Unless the cage is freshly cleaned, you don't want to put your ferret in his cage to dry because the ferret will just run around the dirty cage and get dirty again. You may consider just putting a few towels in the bathtub, and just letting the ferret run around in the bathtub. Some ferrets will even tolerate a hair dryer, but in this case, you want to keep it on low and at least a foot away from the ferret.

Bathing your ferret can be a challenge, just try to make it as stress-free as you can.


Choosing Ferret Food

March 23rd 2009 14:37
Ferrets have a unique diet that hasn't been 100% perfected with commercial diets, but you can still provide high nutrition for your carnivorous friend. Because ferrets cannot absorb nutrition from plant matter, they need a diet that is high in animal protein, high in fats, and low in fibers. You want to make sure that you purchase a FERRET FOOD, not a cat food.

Many people who have ferrets just feed their ferrets cat food, as with older research cat food was thought to be sufficient. Well, if you absolutely cannot find a high quality ferret food, a a dry kitten diet with high proteins can be sufficient short term, but you want to make sure that it's a premium brand such as Innova or even Eukanuba.

When looking for a high quality ferret food, you want to make sure that you read the ingredients label. It is very important that you have a protein as the first ingredient.

Consider these tips when choosing a ferret food:
* High proteins- 30-40% listed on the label nutrition analysis
* High quality protein that are highly digestible and be animal-based (not plant-based)
* High fats- at least 20% and up to 30% as listed on the label analysis
* Very low in carbohydrates and fiber- less than 3% fiber
* Low ash level- 7% or less
* Includes the 21 amino acids, to include taurine, which are good for vision and heart functions
* Avoid foods with dyes

When looking at the ingredients label, remember to check out the protein sources. You want to look for meat and meat meals, NOT meat by-products. You want to make sure that a meat, meat meal, or eggs are included in the first three ingredients. Make sure that the food is low in corn gluten, soy meal, rice gluten, and other vegetable or grain-based proteins, as well.

And, since you want a food that is high in fats, make sure that there is a good source of omega 3 and omega 6 in the food. Poultry fat is usually considered a good source.

You also want to make sure that the food has essential vitamins, such as fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D3, and E, as well as vitamin C and the vitamin B's.

Some of the best foods for ferrets include EVO Ferret Food and Marshall's Ferret Food.


Pictures of Ferrets

July 4th 2008 13:00
Ferrets are probably one of the more cat-like small animal pets. These guys require so much more care an attention than most buyers realize.... Until they bring home the pet. Ferrets are the type of pet that you can leave in a cage 24/7, feed and water, and occasionally let out to play. If you were to do that, you'd be in for a heap of trouble.

Ferrets are typically referred to as "cats on crack." These guys are spastic when awake, and near dead when sleeping. They're actually a very interesting creature, and a very entertaining pet.

Before you decide to get a pet ferret, you'll want to check your state regulations, as they are illegal to have as pets in some states (California being one of them).

A few ferret tips:
• Keep the litter box in a corner, as ferrets are prone to using corners of rooms and corners made by furniture.
• Keep multiple litter boxes throughout the room; although ferrets tend to use the same area, you will want more than one box.
• Make sure to purchase actual ferret food. Many people opt to feed cat food to their ferret, and this is very unhealthy as a long-term, permanent diet. Ferrets need ferret food.
• Make sure that you have your ferret spayed or neutered. Believe it or not, if you don’t spay a female ferret, and she goes into heat, if you don’t breed her, she will die. (There’s medical data stating why, but I forget off-hand. It has something to do with the hormones.)

Here are a few pictures of some really cute ferrets.

by بني جان

by benjibot
Ferret and Kitten

by NiteLynx

by NiteLynx

by emeryc

by watz
Ferret Leash

by Vicious Bits
Ferrets like sleeping in hammacks

by MsCantBWrong


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