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Pictures of Golden Teddy Bear Hamsters

December 29th 2010 17:30
Golden hamsters are probably one of the more popular hamsters found at pet stores, although these days more 'fancy' patterned hamsters are becoming available. I once had a panda bear hamster, which had white and black markings, but if you want a traditional hamster, it's the golden teddy bear hamster all the way.

You can find both short hair and long hair teddy bear hamsters available in pet stores.

Just remember that teddy bear hamsters, no matter what color, are best when housed individually. They are very territorial hamsters.

Short Hair Hamster

Long Hair Hamster

You can, also, find the golden hamster with more white patches in their fur, which is sometimes referred to as a banded pattern.


Pictures of Gerbils

October 4th 2008 17:03
Gerbils are often a very popular pet among small kids. The only good thing about them is that they are social in the sense of you can have more than one in a cage, unlike hamsters. But, gerbils can still be nippy and really aren't the best choice of pet for younger kid. That still doesn't stop parents from buying them though.

The one downfall that I see with many parents allowing their kids to get a gerbil is the tail. For so many people, the gerbil's tail reminds them of a rat, which is funny because gerbils and pet rats have completely different personalities.

But, anyway, gerbils can be good pets. They just aren't recommended for young children.

Here are a few pictures that you may find cute.

Flickr Image by hinayana

Flickr Image by Moktoipas

Flickr Image by iwasteela

Flickr Image by Simon Willison

Flickr Image by JimYounkin

Flickr Image by iwasteela

So, I have found even more cute pictures that what I posted in my blog post "Cute Pictures of Hamsters." Plus I've added two cage ideas near the bottom, so that if you need help trying to design or redesign your hamster's cage, you can check out on version of an aquarium style cage and one example of a plastic cage with extension options.

Remember that with the aquarium style, you want to be weary of ammonia buildup, as the hamster spends most of his time in the cage, and the aquarium doesn't allow for too much ventilation even though there's a wire screen top (that you need to have on at all times as hamsters are escape artists). So if you opt for an aquarium style, you'll want to make sure that you keep it cleaned.

As for the pictures that I've included are all of teddy bear, or Syrian hamsters.

by leonardog

by matsugoro

by p0ns

by margolove

by Ian Hampton

by leonardog

by cfd

by Micah Maziar

Hamster Cages

by captainmcdan
Aquarium Hamster Cage

by Veebl
Extended Plastic Hamster Cage

Pictures of Dwarf Hamsters

May 29th 2008 14:26
There are different species of dwarf hamsters; the most common being Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters, Chinese Dwarf Hamsters, Roborovski's Dwarf Hamsters, and Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters.

Unlike Syrian hamsters, you can typically house more than one dwarf hamster in the same cage; just make sure that you have ample room for the hamsters to be able to get away from each other if need be. Remember that it's best to keep same sex pairs, and to watch out for bullying amongst males. If you want to house 2 males, it's best to get brothers, as by introducing male hamsters at different times, you may run into territoriality and bullying.

Dwarf hamsters are still hamsters, and they can be cannibalistic, which is why it's best to get brother and sister pairs (2 males or 2 females). You'd hate for your child to go in and feed or check on the hamsters to find that he's missing one, much less see a bloody mess.

When picking out a dwarf hamster, you may want to check out thie guide/ comparison, as some dwarf hamsters are more handlible than others and some are larger or smaller than others.

Scientific Name: Phodopus Campbelli
Common Names: Djungarian or siberian hamster
Origin: China, mongolia, siberia
Natural Habitat: Steppes
Weight: 1 oz. (28.35 g)
Length: 3 - 4 In. (7.6 - 10 cm)
Lifespan: 1.5 - 2 Years
Temperament: slow, easy to handle

Winter White
Scientific Name: Phodopus Sungorus
Common Names: siberian or russian hamster
Origin: Kazakhstan, manchuria, mongolia, siberia
Natural Habitat: grassland, steppes
Weight: 1 - 2 oz. (28.35 - 56.7 g)
Length: 4 In. (10 cm)
Lifespan: 1.5 - 2 Years
Temperament: slow, easy to handle

Scientific Name: Phodopus Roborovski
Common Names: Robo, Rob or Desert hamster
Origin: China, mongolia, russia
Natural Habitat: desert, semi-desert
Weight: .5 - .75 Oz (14 - 21 g)
Length: 2 In. (5.1 cm)
Lifespan: 3 - 3.5 Years
Temperament: quick, jumpy

Scientific Name: Phodopus Griseus
Common Names: rat-like or striped hamster
Origin: China
Natural Habitat: steppes, semi-desert
Weight: 1 - 1.5 Oz (28 - 42 g)
Length: 4 - 5 In. (10 - 13 cm)
Lifespan: 2 - 3 Years
Temperament: ranges from "Sweet" to "aggressive"

The images below are mostly of Roborvski's Dwarf Hamsters.

by CoolTy

by Lsł

by Lee, Heungsub

by Lee, Heungsub

by Cryztalvisions

by Cryztalvisions

by House Of Sims

by Lsł

by Cryztalvisions

by captainmcdan
Using jar as a hide


Cute Pictures of Hamsters

May 21st 2008 14:02
Ok, so this one isn't so much advice and tips, but just fun and cute pictures of Syrian Hamsters, also known as the Teddy Bear Hamster. A little background is that no matter what color pattern or price you pay for your "fancy" hamster, it's nothing more than a regular Teddy Bear Hamster.

Syrian hamsters come in a variety of colors and color patterns. Some of the common color patterns include panda bear, tortishell, black bear, albino, cinnamon, calico, cream banded, cream, rex, gray, Dalmatian, and golden hamster (the typical coloration of most Syrian hamsters).

Hamsters, also, come in long and short hair varieties. Although, normally hamsters require no grooming from the owner, the long hair variety needs to be combed at least once a day to prevent tangles, as they will pull on the hamster's skin and become very uncomfortable, even painful. Tangles usually don't occur unless there is improper grooming schedules or the bedding you use; if you notice a tangle in your long hair hamster, use sharp scissors and cut it out.

Below you'll find some cute hamsters varying in color pattern.

by Christina007
Panda Bear Hamster

by mascht_i
Golden Hamster

by Christina007
7 week old panda bear hamster

by Zixii
Cream Hamster

by lore
Long Hair Hamster

by DennisSylvesterHurd
Long Hair Cream Hamster

by Zixii
Cream Hamster

by killaypetshop
Long Hair Golden Hamster

by matsugoro
Golden Banded Hamster ("I'm getting out of here!")

by p0ns
Long Hair Golden Hamster

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