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Keeping Monkeys as Pets

November 17th 2008 06:19
So many people want pet monkeys. They're cute, like children, can communicate, and where monkeys seem cute and cuddley, they're not all that. If you really are thinking about getting a monkey as a pet, you'll want to consider all the downfalls and legal issues that are involved with having a monkey as a pet.

First of in regards to the legale issue, you have to check the laws in your local area as well as your state. There are more states that have keeping monkeys as pets as being illegal than those who say it's perfectly legal. Typically, you will need to have a permit and regular inspections for the facility and care.

Otherwise, you want to consider the rest of the potential downfalls for keeping monkeys as pets.

Commitment- Monkeys life anywhere from 20 to 40 years, so having a pet monkey is a full commitment. And remember that is 20 to 40 years of caring for a creature that has the mentality of a two year old human.

Also, consider that having a pet monkey means that your vacations are limited because it's going to be pretty hard to find a keeper for the monkey much less a hotel that will allow the monkey to stay while you are there.

Expense- In order to house and feed a monkey, you are going to need to provide specialized diets that are also time consuming to prepare. You will also need to be able to provide proper housing for when you are not home to care for the monkey, such as while you are at work.

Medical Issues- Monkeys have a wide range of diseases and medical conditions that can pass to humans. They are also susceptible to a variety of illnesses that humans have.

Aggression- Although monkeys are sweet, cute babies, they do grow up, and still being wild animals, they eventually grow up and can become very aggressive. No matter how much you baby the monkey, you cannot change the wild nature and if you deprive a monkey of normal social relationships with other monkeys, you can cause behavior problems. You will also quickly find that monkeys bite, and that all monkeys have different personalities just like all people. Some monkeys can be very aggressive, whereas others are very docile, meaning that as pets they are very unpredictable.

The Mess- Monkeys are extremely messy. They can be toilet trained, but that doesn't mean that you can completely disengage the natural behavior of eating or throwing poop. Plus, monkeys are plain mischieviuos and destructive when bored, which means when left alone, they can destroy your house.

Housing- Monkeys need secure enclosures when you are not there to watch them. The enclosure needsto be preferrably made of metal and outdoors. Monkeys need to be outside at least part of the time, but that doesn't mean that in the middle of winter leave the monkey outside throughout the day and night.

You also want to include tons of toys. You will have to exchange the old toys for new ones frequently because monkeys get bored and they get bored fast. You wawnt ot have exercise equipment to keep them stimulated as well.

So, as you can see monkeys aren't as easy to care for as the everyday dog and cat. They are also more complicated than a baby.

Flickr Image by M1K3Y
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