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Tattooing Your Cat

July 15th 2009 19:21
Although, it's perfectly normal to ear tattoo your dog or notch the ear of a feral cat after spaying, it's strange to see a Sphinx cat with a tattoo of an Egyptian god tattooed on its chest. Anyway... I like it... Cute picture whether it's real or fake.

Just remember that it is not safe to go to a tattoo artist to have such an image tattooed on your pet. If real (which I highly doubt) a highly skilled professional much be sought out.

And check out the tribal Sphinx:

Seems like people really like to decorate their Sphinx cats. I think I'd prefer my cat to be untouched. It's safer that way, as no mishaps can occur from anesthesia, the actual tattooing process, or with the aftercare of the tattoo. IE. it'd be a pain to go to the vet because you're cat's giant tribal tattoo got infected, is rejecting, or is fading because your cat's rough tongue is licking the giant wound. And, since you can't bandage a healing tattoo on a person, it only goes to say that you can't do the same for a cat, which means an open wound WILL be licked.

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Comment by Journeywoman

July 15th 2009 20:28
Quite the eye-opener, thanks for posting this Whitney! Definitely not for my cats - I prefer the natural look (and, incidentally, the furry look!) but each to their own... what do you think the cats themselves think of it? Would they be concerned about this new design that appeared on them out of nowhere, or would it not bother them at all?

Comment by Cheryl J

July 16th 2009 04:58
I think this is nothing short of cruelty and abuse. I have no problem with people tattooing themselves but to put an animal through pain for no reason other than decoration is just as bad as tail docking.

It may look interesting but the owner of those cats are incredibly selfish.

Comment by Journeywoman

July 16th 2009 06:44
I tend to agree with Cheryl - of course the cat would be under anaesthesia during the actual tattooing process, but isn't there some residual pain after a tattoo has been done (I wouldn't know)?

Comment by Wilson Pon

July 16th 2009 11:37
If the cats can speak, they might probably say, "Stop it, do you know that it's really hurt?" Honestly, I felt sorry for the cats...

Comment by Natalina

July 16th 2009 16:36
I saw something about this on TV. Oh I remember! It was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I think it is very cruel. I feel so badly for those poor cats. They are living creatures, not objects to be manipulated. Poor things. Those hairless cats are so beautiful! That said, here's the Fallon bit:

Comment by Deanna B

July 16th 2009 18:41
Hi Whitney!

I saw this in the News...apparently it is all the rage in Moscow.All I can think of to say about the process is COME ON PEOPLE!!!

Why would you do that to your furry (or not so furry) friend? It is inhumane, cruel, disgusting, ridiculous...oh there,the words are coming to me now.

My big cat Babe is 15 years old.He sits on my lap and reclines his upper torso on my chest and gently strokes my face with his paw. I love him so's sad enough taking him to the vet,he gets so freaked out. I can't fathom doing something this horrendous to him. I would never.

Interesting post Whitney! Let's hope what happens in Moscow stays in Moscow and doesn't catch on in the rest of the world.

Comment by Whitney

July 16th 2009 20:33
Itís agreed to be bad if itís real, tattooing is actually a little common on dogs, but itís a form of identification. Itís most common for Canada Kennel Club registered dogs, as well as dog breeders who compete with their dogs and have highly titled dogs . Itís not practiced as much as it used to be, but itís a sure fire identification method if your dog has a number tattooed on its belly or ear. Although, when on the belly, the hair has to be kept shaved in order to make the tattoo visible.

Comment by a tattooist

April 14th 2010 22:25
i do tattoos on humans for some time now
but beleve me if somewone come with his cat\dog\pig\hamster or watever to do a tattoo on his pet i will slap his brains back into his skull

if we do it we do so for a reason...

it is painful and they don't need this
they trust us to treat them good and this is just ...i don't have words for it ...more then sellfish...

the paine the day after the tattoo proces is feel like a burn scarr...beleve me ...painfull and sometimes it hurts more then the tattoo proces


if cat comes to me alone and say hey dude i wanna tattoo my tail......i will probably lock myself in a asillium

PS forget my english i'm from an other country

Comment by Whitney

April 16th 2010 19:49
I do agree with you. Although, there are some breed registries that require tattoo IDs on dogs. Some reputable breeders like them as well; granted I'd rather just use a microchip. The tattoos are are least visible for short haired dogs.

Comment by Anonymous

June 28th 2010 04:03
I'm a tattooist and cat lover, i think this is very cruel especially on the cats chest, thats a very painful spot to get inked.

I can tell you if the person or animal is not completely still you cannot tattoo as well as these cats are. The subject must be completly still. They would have to be put under to have this done. after pain is no different to that of a mild sunburn,

Comment by Anonymous

December 26th 2010 23:40
This is disgusting and cruel. I hope whoever did these gets reported for animal abuse. I am appalled that any human with enough skills to drive to a tattoo parlor could possibly lack the intelligence to understand that this is ABUSE and that these poor animals have no CHOICE in this matter.

I hope whoever did these tattoos and the owners of these pets will rot in hell for what they have done.

Comment by Anonymous

December 26th 2010 23:40
This is disgusting and cruel. I hope whoever did these gets reported for animal abuse. I am appalled that any human with enough skills to drive to a tattoo parlor could possibly lack the intelligence to understand that this is ABUSE and that these poor animals have no CHOICE in this matter.

I hope whoever did these tattoos and the owners of these pets will rot in hell for what they have done.

Comment by enjay

January 7th 2011 04:57
The cats probably think you guys must be pussies!! So they've got a little ink, big deal! I doubt it hurts the cats and if it did it wouldn't be as bad as cutting the things balls off which is considered humane. Sorry if I'm blunt with the delivery of my point. Guess I like the idea of adding art and more ascetic beauty to these animals like we do ourselves. Especially designs reminiscent of the egyptian culture which held as revered creatures.

Comment by Anonymous

March 22nd 2011 01:26
I am not an animal activist, but this is animal cruelty. I love tattoos. My husband has sleeves. I have a couple myself. We are both into body modification with stretched lobes and surface piercings. But tattooing a pet? Who ever does that to an animal they love is messed up in the head.

I am not even accepting with piercing an infant's ears. I think you should not let fashion dictate a forced painful decision on your child. That decision is just for self gratification that you have a hip child that can wear earrings. Instead, the child should be of age to be able to make the decision for itself.

Comment by Anonymous

May 19th 2011 23:57
Maybe it's not more painful than a neuter. But they are getting neutered for a HEALTH REASON, not an aesthetic one. And they're getting neutered by a professional veterinarian who went to school to learn how to safely use anesthesia. Who is anesthetizing these cats for the tattoos? Certainly not their veterinarian.
I don't object to tattoos for identification, because again, it serves a purpose. A little pain is worth it if it gets kitty home safe when lost. Kitty does not need a tribal tattoo.

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